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Clubs and Activities

Student Organizations

Providing an educational environment with an international perspective, this school’s three programs and services prepare students to meet the challenges of a diverse society.

An technology-infused learning environment with an international focus prepares students to enter a global economy, and a student body from more than 37 countries offers an unique environment for global awareness. This school was chosen as a 2005 and 2007 School of Promise by the Ohio Department of Education.

International Language Program
 — A strong academic program offers four years of world language study and four years of academic preparation in core subjects and globally oriented courses, such as Spanish Heritage and Multicultural Arts.

Advanced Placement Program
 —The Advanced Placement program follows the challenging requirements of college-level credit courses offered in many subjects. This program requires self-directed study and the ability to complete work by advanced deadlines.

International Business Program
 —A full academic program with four years of a foreign language, this business program offers the Academy of Finance focusing on business and financial management, and Law and Paralegal Studies focusing on international law.
Career Development
Courses that offer students opportunities to explore Career choices beyond High School.

National Honor Society
 — "Service" is the willingness to help others without monetary compensation or recognition. The program is committed to the idea of volunteering our time and abilities to the creation of a better and safer tomorrow.

Requirements for Consideration for the National Honor Society

Academic Team

What is the team about: The Academic Quiz Team is a group of students that excel in areas ranging from Fine Arts to World Literature to Physical Science. They compete against other schools throughout the CMAC and will compete in the ECC next year.
What do they do to prepare: They practice Mondays and Thursdays throughout the season and use practice questions from previous matches.
How is the competition Judged: There are three rounds:

  1. Alphabet Round: A five minute period where the students must work together to answer 20 questions starting with the letter of the match. All answers in this round start with that letter.
  2. Category Round: This is the longest round and the most points are awarded for this round. Each team will be asked one question in 10 different categories along with a toss-up that goes to the quickest correct answer from a team.
  3. Lightning Round: This is the final round and has twenty questions that require speed. Who ever ends this round with the most points wins the match. 

How often do they compete: They compete once or twice a week throughout the season. Two matches per competition day.
There is a state championship. The schools have to compete in a regional qualifier to attend.


Men Organized, Respectful and Educated — This initiative is designed to nurture academic success and strong character development among African-American and other at-risk young men in the disrtict.

Science Club

The science club is an opportunity for students to get involved with science outside of the classroom. Students take part in several competitions throughout the year and students get to pick and choose what competitions they are most interested in. The projects done in the past and currently available to the students are the following:
TechOlympics — Students attend this conference and learn about how technology is influencing local careers. Students also have the chance to meet with different companies and compete against local schools. This year the students placed 14th out of 43 schools taking part in the TechOlympics. They did outstanding.
TEAMS Competition — Students compete as a group against local schools to solve a challenging problem that involves all aspects of STEM education.
New York University Hacking Competition — Students compete against schools throughout the country to solve a murder mystery using information found throughout the internet.
NASA Proposal
— Students competed against schools to send nanotubes with a valuable experiment up into space for the astronauts to do. The proposal was to see how nuclear decay rates alter in various conditions including, a weightless atmosphere. This would give us the possibility to open doors to send nuclear waste up into space, knowing what would happen a little more.
What is an IS Proposal — Students got the chance to win a robot through a local graduate student's research.Students submitted a video that can be found onYouTube.  What Is an IS
If you are interested in the Science Club, see Mr. Ullery or Mr. Butler or talk to your Science teacher and they will get you to the right place.

Venture Crew

The Crew number is 911. Crew 911 is about service to the community and focuses on serving along with youth development and growth. Students get the opportunity to gain valuable skills, work with Executives from the most competitive companies in Cincinnati and earn awards based on achievements. Students develop their own calendar and decide what they want to do as a crew.

In the past, students have learned navigation techniques, cooking, first aid and hiking. Students had the opportunity to go on three backpacking trips before they went to New Mexico on a 10 day adventure.

If you are interested in joining this incredible group, please see Mr. Ullery or Mr. Lakes and they can get you more information.

This is one of the most significant groups you can get involved in at school. Don't miss out. Come join us and create your adventure!