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High School Curriculum Overview


Advisory classes are made up of a small group of students and a grade-level teacher. Advisory is a place where students make plans: for school, college and their careers. This is a safe time to talk about barriers in the student’s education and educational needs; to be serious, but to have fun, too. Advisory helps students build academic and social skills by breaking down barriers, fostering relationships, strengthening listening skills and, most important, building trust. Advisory is every Monday. 

English Department 

Withrow Shakespeare Club
The English Department seeks to use the study of literature and language to contribute to students' understanding of human relationships and values and to foster a love for reading that will enrich their futures. We hope to provide students with a broad knowledge of the history and development of literature in English, as well as to develop their reading, writing, speaking, critical and analytical skills to prepare them for collegiate studies. We also hope to instill in students an appreciation for literature as a means of understanding human experience.

Course Offerings:

  • English 9, English 9AA
  • English 10, English 10AA
  • English 11 , English 11AA, AP English Language & Composition
  • English 12 , English AP English Language & Composition
  • College Credit Plus Foreign Language Department

The Foreign Language Departments' program is designed to help students develop the ability to speak and write the language of their choice. We provide instruction in two languages: language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing . Culture and traditions are also introduced through language study and classroom activities. Job opportunities abound with knowing a second language. Some job examples are: international business and agencies, travel and tourism, diplomatic or government service, research institutes, teaching, translating, linguistics and interpreting.

Course Offerings:

  • Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III
  • College Spanish (CCP)
  • French I, French II, French III, French IV

Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department curriculum integrates statistical and algebraic concepts for differentiation and integration to be applied in the real working world. The program develops algebraic skills, problem solving and continues the student's experiences with geometry, probability and statistical concepts. This contributes to our students' understanding of logic, algorithms and deductive reasoning.

Course Offerings:

  • Algebra I, Algebra I AA (8th)
  • Geometry, Geometry AA (9th)
  • Algebra II, Algebra IIAA (10th)
  • Pre-Calculus (11 & 12)
  • Pre-Calculus AA
  • Probability and Statistics (11, 12)
  • AP Statistics (11, 12)
  • Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (12)
  • College Algebra/Trigonometry CCP (12)
  • AP Human Geography (11 & 12)

Science Department

Withrow students in Science class
The Science Department curriculum's emphasis will be on developing laboratory skills, the scientific method, organizing and evaluating data, and development of skills using science processes such as the scientific method, measurement, data interpretation and analysis and classification. Students will be provided ample opportunities for research and discovery, for it is through personal experience in the scientific method that they best develop an understanding of it. Through laboratory experience, students will develop a deeper understanding of the processes of scientific inquiry and how these processes use evidence to support conclusions based on logical reasoning. Safe laboratory procedures and conduct will be emphasized. Career opportunities in the physical sciences will be examined. Students will trace the historical development of scientific theories and ideas, explore scientific theories, and develop their scientific literacy to become knowledgeable citizens.

Course Offerings:

  • Biology(10)
  • Biology AA (10)
  • AP Biology (12)
  • Physical Science (9)
  • Chemistry (11)
  • Chemistry AA (11)
  • Physics (12)
  • Environmental Science (11/12)

Social Studies Department

Black Lives Matter signs
The History department is a survey course incorporating basic geographic concepts, which enables students to orient themselves within our country and the world. This course will provide students with the knowledge necessary to understand their role as citizens of the global village. The course emphasizes the rise of modern nations, technical and commercial revolutions, colonialism, world conflicts, the rise and fall of totalitarianism, twentieth century nationalism in America, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Inhumanity as illustrated by the events of slavery, the conditions of women, the Holocaust, totalitarian regimes and Apartheid are confronted as well.

Course Offerings:

  • Modern History (9)
    • Modern History AA(9)
  • Psychology CPP (12)
  • Sociology - CPP (12)
  • US History (10)
    • US History AA (10)
  • American Government (11)

Business Department

Withrow student teaching business class
The purpose of the High School of Business is to offer college-prep students the opportunity to excel in a near college-level business administration program while still in high school. It offers challenging, rigorous courses through a program that provides breadth and depth of business knowledge and bridges the gap between academic learning and how it is used to solve complex business problems in the real world.

The Withrow High School of Business experience consists of a series of required business administration courses and an observational internship. 

Course Offerings:

  • Microsoft Office - Word
  • Microsoft Office - Excel
  • Business Foundations (8)
  • Principles of Business
  • Business Economics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Finance
  • Business Strategies

Fine Arts Department

Withrow Middle School Orchestra

The Withrow Fine Arts Department provides ample opportunities for students to engage in the arts.  The Music Department provides multiple opportunities for students to engage with music through a music theory course, band and orchestra.  At Withrow, students are provided an introduction to the basic skills of playing a wind or percussion instrument.  Emphasis is placed on a student’s ability to produce a good tone, demonstrate a basic technical command of the instrument, and develop skills in reading music.  Students can continue on to intermediate bands to develop skills learned with emphasis on technical development and ensemble playing. 

The senior band is broken down into two concert bands - Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band.  The Music Department also offers a beginning strings course which provides an introduction to and drills in the basic skills of playing a stringed instrument such as violin, viola, cello, or bass.  Emphasis is placed on the individual student’s ability to produce a good tone, play in first position on all four strings, and have basic skills in reading music. 

The Intermediate String Orchestra serves as the second year class to continue the development of skills learned in Beginning Strings. Emphasis is placed on proper bow hold and strengthening left hand technique along with ensemble playing. 

The Senior Orchestra is a continuation of the string fundamentals applied in Junior Orchestra and is the training ensemble for Chamber Orchestra. The emphasis is on ensemble skills and more advanced position work for all members. Members must be able to demonstrate vibrato and shifting. 

The Art Department offers a wide range of opportunities from beginning levels to advanced studio art courses. One class is required in grade 7 and one fine art credit must be completed in grades 9 – 12. Studio Art AP is available for the most accomplished students in senior high.

Course Offerings:

  • Beginning Band (7-9)
  • Intermediate Band (7-9)
  • Senior Band (7-12)
  • Beginning Strings (7-9)
  • Intermediate String Orchestra (7-12)
  • Senior Orchestra (7-12)
  • Beginning Steel Drum (8-12)
  • Music Theory (7)
  • Beginning Art (9-12)
  • Intermediate Art (10-12)
  • Textile Design (10-12)
  • Visual Arts (9-12)
  • Multicultural Arts (7)

Health & Physical Education Department

The Health & Physical Education Departments’ program has been designed to give a holistic view of healthful living, encouraging students to develop an organized health program of their own. Beginning with the study of individual physical and mental well-being, students proceed to analyze social and environmental factors affecting their health. The goal is to make informed choices about attitudes and behavior patterns which lead to a healthy lifestyle. Sample units of study include nutrition, exercise, the role of the family, sex education (with parental consent), drug education and mental health. The Physical Education course is designed to increase aerobic activity and physical fitness. Individual skill development in activities such as physical fitness are key components of the program. In high school, Physical Education courses emphasize physical fitness and aerobic conditioning. Lifetime sports skills are an integral part of the program with a wide variety of individual and team sports activities, including: weight training, presidential and physical fitness, softball, flag football, soccer and other lifetime activities. All programs are co-educational. Physical Education is required for two semesters in high school. 

Course Offerings:

  • Physical Education (8-12)
  • Health (9-12)