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Middle School

Middle School Academics 

Transitioning from elementary to middle school is a MAJOR time in every student's life. The Withrow University Junior High School educational team is dedicated to facilitating this growth process by providing effective instruction needed to help students develop critical thinking skills in a caring, supportive environment. Our philosophy is about educating the whole student, which in turn gives them the tools to ultimately become productive, successful citizens. The goal of the Withrow Junior High team is to help students find their individual strengths and introduce them to robust coursework to support them in high school.  

Students in 7th grade are enrolled in: 

  • 1 English course
  • 1 Math course
  • 1 Multicultural Art course
  • 1 Science course
  • 1 Social Studies course
  • 1-2 Electives
  • JCG Middle School course
  • Math and English Companion course
  • Music Theory
  • Study Skills 

Students in 8th grade are enrolled in: 

  • 1 Business Foundations course
  • 1 English course
  • 1 Math course
  • 1 Physical Education course
  • 1 Science course
  • 1 Social Studies course
  • 1-2 Electives
  • Band
  • Beginning Strings
  • JCG Middle School course
  • Math and English Companion course

Eighth grade students also have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Academics courses that allow them to earn high school credit. These courses also allow students to take the End of Course (EOC) exams. The available courses are: 

  • Algebra AA
  • English AA
  • Science AA


All 7th and 8th grade students are enrolled in an advisory course. Advisory classes are made up of a small group of students and a grade-level teacher. Advisory is a place where students make plans: for school, college and their careers. This is a safe time to talk about barriers in the student’s education and educational needs; to be serious, but to have fun, too. Advisory helps students build academic and social skills by breaking down barriers, fostering relationships, strengthening listening skills and, most important, building trust. Advisory is every Monday.