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Withrow Parent/Teacher Organization

Withrow PTO Purpose 

The relationships within all communities, which include students, teachers, staff, parents, and patrons, are a vital influence on the success of our children's futures. Therefore, our purpose is to foster a sense of support, pride and enthusiasm; to encourage parent and public involvement in the Cincinnati Public School District and to bring into closer relationship the home and the school, that the parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children. This organization shall provide service for school functions, engage in fundraising projects, encourage parent, teacher, and community involvement, and cooperate with school administration in providing educational opportunities.

Monthly Meetings
We want to encourage you at any time you choose to feel free to sit in on our PTO meetings! We meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. We also encourage you to become a Member of the Withrow PTO even if you can’t attend the meetings. 

Withrow PTO Membership — Please contact the main office at (513) 363-9200 to join PTO. 

Executive Board Members
Tia Rochelle — President

Withrow Alumni Association

Front of Withrow High School
Anyone passing Withrow High School cannot help but be impressed by the place. Withrow has always been known for the stately architecture of its tower and bridge, the beauty of the grounds and plantings, the impressive sports facilities and the pride of its alumni!

All of this was not an accident, of course. It has taken careful attention from caring people since the 1920s to create the Withrow we have today.

As Withrow alumni we are interested in sustaining more than the physical beauty and the historical exhibits of our beloved school. The soul of Withrow — that something extra that we each cherish from attending Withrow — survives because it is nourished by a special group of alumni in The Withrow Alumni Association

The Withrow Alumni Association is a serious organization, structured to succeed. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with formal bylaws that control our actions, we are structured to thrive for many years to come. Our vision is to operate as a diverse, inclusive, enthusiastic and committed team that nurtures all that has been good about Withrow.

The Withrow Alumni Association has made many contributions to Withrow in recent years. Some examples include the refurbishing of the clock tower and bridge, the database for supporting reunions and the creation of a college center that helps all Withrow students prepare for college entrance exams and apply for admission to college. We want to do even more.

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission or focus of the Withrow High School Alumni Association is to be a supportive partner to current and former students, teachers and staff at Withrow High School and to promote a healthy learning environment that helps prepare students to become successful, productive and contributing members of society.

In pursuit of its mission, the Withrow High School Alumni Association will have a diverse, inclusive, enthusiastic and committed Board of Trustees and general membership that is appropriately structured and financially viable to offer members the opportunity to assist Withrow High School while providing the benefits of participation and affiliation in our organization.

Contact Us
Withrow Alumni Inc.
P.O. Box 8186
Cincinnati, OH  45208