Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration for Ohio High School Students

March 18, 2021

Honor, tradition and service are hallmarks of the United States military, and Ohioans have made countless storied contributions to our nation's history. Ohio continues this legacy as its education community recognizes high school students joining the military with the Annual All-Ohio United States Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration. The celebration will take place virtually throughout April on social media, culminating in a highlight video recognizing our young men and women’s commitment to our country. Students in grades 11-12 who have committed to military service, including active duty, Reserve or National Guard, are invited to take part by visiting the Department's website and signing the celebratory letter of intent. Please take a photo or video of the signing and include the student's name, school and branch of service in which they are enlisting so the Department can highlight these brave individuals. When posting to Twitter or Instagram, use #OhioMilitarySigningDay.

In addition to this social media campaign, email a photo or video of students from your school by April 9, 2021, so the images and video can be used in a celebratory compilation video. This can be an individual or group photo or video. Framing should contain a variety of wide shots, such as the whole room, and medium and close-up shots (one to two individuals) if possible. 

Photo and video file specifications: 

  • Any students who are featured in these videos must sign your school’s photo release. By submitting a photo or video, you are acknowledging they have signed the photo release and we have permission to use the files submitted; 
  • Accepted file formats for photos are .jpg and .png;   
  • Accepted file formats for videos are .mp4 and .mov; 
  • File sizes for photos need to be at least 1MB, and video sizes need to be at least 720p (HD). If photos or videos are taken on an iPhone or similar device, these quality levels usually are met automatically. It is highly recommended videos are shot horizontally, but if you are sending existing footage in a vertical format, we still can accept it.

In 2019, more than 300 Ohio high school students signed documents committing to serve in a U.S. military branch. Those class of 2019 members now are serving across the globe. Unfortunately, the 2020 celebration was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Department of Veterans Services, United Services Organization and Ohio National Guard invite education leaders to celebrate this amazing service commitment by encouraging students in grades 11 and 12 who already have committed to the military to participate in this celebration.