CPS District Parent Meeting

March 3, 2021

facebook live image on phoneCincinnati Public Schools is hosted a virtual District Parent Meeting March 11 on Facebook Live.

The event included a Q&A session hosted by Paul McMillan, CPS' District Parent Coordinator. Other speakers included:

  • Public Health and Safety — Cynthia Eghbalnia, Environmental Health and Safety/Workers' Comp Administrator
  • CPS Community Learning Center — Casey Fisher, Manager
  • Curriculum/Distance Learning — Sarah Morales, World Languages Manager
  • Athetics — Joshua Hardin, Athletics Manager
  • Possip Parent Pulse Checks — Caitlin Church, Possip
  • High School Resources — Allison Sears, Resource Coordinator
  • Elementary Resources — Pamela Knox, Resource Coordinator
  • Student Dining Services — Director of Student Dining Services, Jessica Shelly 

Watch the District Parent Meeting on YouTube