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School Policies

Withrow University High School Expectations

Behavior Expectations and Consequences

For optimal learning to occur, the classroom must be physically and psychologically safe. To ensure this safety, a set of expectations is established with the students at the beginning of each school year.

The best discipline is self-discipline. Students are expected to take responsibility for their behavior. Our efforts to help students become self-disciplined, active and life-long learners require open lines of communication. Parents, teachers and students are all members of the community, and each can request a conference at any time. The following expectations are in effect at Withrow University High School:

  • Respect everyone’s ideas, feelings and belongings
  • Enter classes in an orderly manner, prepared for learning
  • Bring only necessary materials
  • Remain on task during class
  • Follow all instructions given
  • Follow all school and district rules and policies

When problems occur, the adults will make every effort to help the students resolve the situation in a manner that keeps the students in the learning environment. Some strategies that may be used to maintain a safe learning environment include positive reinforcement, conferences, reminders and warnings. In some cases, detentions, removal from class, outside interventions and suspension may be used. These measures are used in accordance with the stair-step discipline policy established by our Positive School Culture Committee. 

2023-24 Uniform Policy

Basic Principle: Certain body parts must be covered for all students at all times.

  • Clothes must be worn in a way such that the abdomen, genitals, buttocks and breasts are fully covered with opaque fabric.

Acceptable Dress

Tops: Collared shirts or blouses, turtlenecks and t-shirts; all must have sleeves. Hoodies cannot be covering head (partial or full) or sweaters.

Bottoms: Jeans (no excessive or extreme holes, tears or cuts), shorts, skirts, skorts, capris are acceptable: all must be hemmed or cuffed and can be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

Shoes: Athletic shoes, Crocs, Yeezes, loafers, dress shoes or other closed-toe shoes are acceptable.

Headwear: Verified religious clothing and headgear, scarves, head wraps.

Accessories: Standard face mask.

Unacceptable Dress  

Tops: Clothing considered too revealing (bare midriffs, tube tops, cut-off shirts, low-cut tops, crop tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, mesh tops, see-through shirts, fishnet clothing.) Pajama/sleepwear tops.

Bottoms: Sagging pants. Pants that have extreme rips, holes and embellishments. Active-wear such as swimsuits, wind shorts, boxer shorts or spandex gym wear. Pajama/sleewear bottoms.

Shoes: Slippers/house shoes, athletic slides/sandals, bubble slides/slippers, fuzzy slippers/slides.

Headwear: Hats, bandanas, bonnets, do-rags or shower caps.

Accessories: Sunglasses, ski mask or mask covering majority or face.

All clothing must  be free of:

  • Lewd, offensive, vulgar or obscene pictures, emblems or language.
  • Advertising that depicts tobacco products alcoholic beverages, drugs or any substance prohibited as well as pictures of any type of weapons.
  • Gang-related clothing, accessories or jewelry bearing signs, insignias, colors or symbols. 

Attendance Policies

Daily attendance is critical to academic success. Students are expected to attend school and all classes daily. Parents must notify the school each day their child is absent by calling the school office by 7:45 a.m. at 363-9200.

As a reminder, school hours are:

School Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Office Hours: 7:35 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.
The bell schedule outlines the school day by grade level and day of the week.